Project Name
Photharam 126
Project Size
Photharam, Ratchaburi
The owner requires his resort on the riverside wetland with some sloping area and existing rain tree. Based on our survey, we’ve found small natural spring and its water ways. According to client’s requirements and Dersyn Studio’s core architectural design approach, those existing contexts will be considered as highly important elements and will be adjusted as less as possible. As a result, the planning design, construction techniques and material selections will be arranged based on the above issues.

Each particular area of the Photharam 126has been divided into small cluster with difference angle in their master plan designing. The existing trees, small natural spring and natural water draining ways have been preserved due to this master planning.

Other benefit from this master planning is about passive ventilation system. Each cluster has its own windows. The window positioning is placed based on wind direction. As such, guest can have pros. of natural ventilation (when needed) such as they can have state of comfort by using less energy consumption in comparison to the room which only rely on air-conditioning system. With these windows users, from any room, can enjoy good scenic view of the river as well as surrounded trees.

The elevated 1st floor, one of the main characters and highly functional design of the traditional Thai’s house, has been adopted into the Photharam 126 design.  As mentioned earlier, there are natural small natural spring and natural water-way. Due to an implementation of elevated 1st floor, the natural spring and water-way can still be preserved. Owners also have some benefits in their plumbing and sanitary systems too. According to the physical shape of the elevated 1st floor, it is obviously that most of the pipes from sanitary systems can easily go under the floor to their designed area. Meanwhile, they can be serviced very easy. Since the Photharam 126 built on the wetland which means this area might be affected from flooding period. However, due to its elevated 1st floor, guest can still comfortable enjoy this accommodation.

Photharam 126 demonstrates itself as one of the best example of an adaptation of ancient knowledge, like some knowledge from traditional Thai’s house, and then implement by using recent construction techniques. Above all, this project shown the appropriate example of modern resort designing which respect to the existing natural context.